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As a trusted job portal in India, we aim to provide you with the most accurate information regarding job vacancies available across various sectors in government and non-government sectors.

To do so, at times, we may collect your personal and non-personal data to provide you with the most up-to-date relevant information. We do not take your trust for granted.

This Privacy Policy reads how we collect personally identifiable information (PII) and non-personally identifiable information, which we use it, how we safeguard it and how you can help us to do so, and make us serve you better.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Naukri Crunch may ask for specific types of personal information like your email, location, age, qualification, or contact number, etc. when you want to subscribe to our website to receive alerts on job postings, newsletters or career-oriented guidance. The information is used to enhance your site visit, respond to requests for information, build a healthy relationship lasting relationship with you.

Naukri Crunch may collect information when you interact with us. Some of the instances when this happens might be when you:

1.    Sign up or subscribe to our website or create your profile

2.    Contact us to seek any information on our services

3.    Provide feedback in a survey

4.    Participate in promotional offers

Non-Personal Information

We use third-party “cookies” to collect your non-personal information including device type, browser type, the date and time of your visit, the web pages you accessed; the documents you downloaded, your server address; and IP address.

Free Ind Govt. Jobs Alert uses third party “cookies” to help us determine which information is appropriate to you and to enhance your experience when you interact with us. Our use of cookies aims to provide you with a better experience when are on our website and accessing its page(s) or information.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie, browser cookie, HTTP cookie, Internet cookie or Web cookie is a small file sent from a Web server to your computer whenever you visit a website. On your return visit, your Web browser sends the small file to the server to notify it. This helps in expediting specific functions such as logging in and retrieving account or user data.

Many browsers are configured to accept cookies by default because cookies make it easier for you to access or view specific content. The browser adds the text to your device using a small text file.

Opting Out of Cookie-Based Data Tracking

These cookies can be disabled at the browser level, but not through our cookie tool. Here is how to enable/disable cookies with popular web browsers.

In Chrome

1.    On your computer, open Chrome.

2.    At the top right, click More>Settings.

3.    At the bottom, click ?Advanced?.

4.    Under “Privacy and security,” click ?Content settings?.

5.    Click ?Cookies.?

6.    From here, you can:

?    Turn off cookies: Turn off Allow sites to save and read cookie data.

?    Turn on cookies: Next to “Blocked,” turn on the switch.

In Firefox

1.    Click ?Menu,? and choose ?Options?.

2.    Select ?Privacy & Security? and go to the ?Cookies and Site Data? section.

3.    Select ?Accept cookies? and site data from websites (recommended) to enable cookies.

4.    To disable cookies, select ?Block cookies and site data (may cause websites to break)?. The cookies that are stored on your computer will be removed when Firefox is closed.

In Internet Explorer

1.    Open ?Internet Explorer?.

2.    Click the ?Tools? button.

3.    Click ?Internet Options?.

4.    Select the ?Privacy? tab.

5.    Under ?Settings,? move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies.

6.    Click ?Apply?.

Confidentiality and Security

Free Ind Government Jobs Alert maintains necessary physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with the laws prevalent in India to protect personal information about you. We seek to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Information Technology Act, 2000 as amended and rules made thereunder to ensure the protection and preservation of your privacy.

Concerns Regarding Children

Free Ind Government Jobs Alert doesn?t contain any information (textual/visual) which is abusive or offensive for children. We carry job postings from government, semi-government and non-government organisations that abide by the labour law and seek applications from adults (18+ years) only. We do not contact children for marketing purposes without a parent’s permission.

However, we stand by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and are committed to protecting the rights of children under 13 years of age. Parents can view, edit or delete any information shared on the website by their children contacting Free Ind Government Jobs Alert as per the contact details mentioned at the bottom of this page.

Third-Party Sites

To help you collect complete information, we may redirect you to third-party Web sites via a hyperlink. Those websites may collect personal information about you. This privacy statement does not cover the privacy practices of those third-party sites linked to Free Ind Government Jobs Alert.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Free Ind Government Jobs Alert reserves the right to update, change or modify this policy at any time. The policy shall come to effect from the date of such update, change or modification.


If you are concerned that we have not complied with your legal rights or applicable privacy laws, you may bring a complaint internally through our complaints process, or you may decide to make a formal complaint with the relevant privacy regulator.

Contact Free Ind Government Jobs Alert

If you would like to contact us or have questions regarding our privacy statement, please write to us at:

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